What To Consider Before Buying A Family Tent

Before you buy a family tent, answer these basic questions about how you will use the tent and what type of campsite you will be doing. By determining what type of camping tent is right for you before you buy, you will save money, time and you will have the perfect tent for your camping experience.

What type of tent do you need?

It all comes down to one question. What type of campsite do you plan to camp on? If you want to experience the thrill of wandering around the country at the back, a lightweight campsite tent for two is the best choice for you. If you are a family campsite in one place on the campsite, then you may want to opt for some comfort of creating a home! Such as room tents and large family tents that not only make it comfortable for the whole family, but also for all their personal furnishings.

How many people will use the tent? And for what purposes?

Since this article is aimed at family camping, we will stay by the large family style camping tents. First decide how to use your tent. Will you just sleep in it? Do you also store your personal belongings (clothes, entertainment, toiletries)? Will you use the tent to store other camping equipment? They are all important to consider before buying a tent, because when the manufacturer determines that the tent is sleeping for four people, what it really means to say – this tent will only accommodate four normal sleeping bags with space for a little more! So if your four-person family is planning to use the tent not only for sleeping, it is wise to buy a large family tent that sleeps six and perhaps even a tent with more than one room (for those who are planning a campsite with pre-school children and/or teenagers – you know what I mean!).

What kind of camp are you? And why does this affect the type of camping tent you buy?

Again, ask yourself what kind of campsite you are planning – a gentle backpack, extreme rides on the wilderness or a family campsite? Usually, if you are a family campsite, the amount of time or complexity of setting up the tent is less important. Of course, the simpler the better, but for a family campsite the ease of setting up a large or multi-person family tent is not that important. This means that if you don’t arrive at the campsite after dusk, it was better to pack your camping lanterns for the last minute! Nowadays, most large family tents can easily be set up in about 15-20 minutes – if you have read the assembly instructions and have all the lines, stacks and tarpaulins at hand and ready to use.

What are the most common seasons and typical weather?

Of course, spring, summer and autumn are the seasons in which we spend the most time. However, depending on the geographical area, ask yourself, how often can you experience more extreme weather conditions? We all know that sudden rain storms and strong winds happen, and if you usually camp in places where extreme weather can happen, you want to be prepared. Each tent is somewhat waterproof, but if the campsite is located in a place where there are frequent rain storms, it is worth buying a tent specially designed to repel the rain. The same can be said for strong winds, scorching sun and heat, and camping tents that are designed for this type of camping situation, such as stronger poles, sun visors and many ventilation openings. Buy a tent with the right features and your camping experience will be much more wonderful!

Tent and why it matters

The tents are available in all shapes, sizes, colours and formations. The choice of the best campsite for you again depends on what style you are, where you are, what you are typically camping for and what you will use your tent for. When buying a family camping tent, remember to set up your tent once and take it off once. So during your stay at the campsite, the tent should be comfortable for everyone, so that everyone can use it and function in all activities. Here are some considerations: Tent height – if you have a 6.4″ tent and you buy a 5.6″ tent at the highest point, be prepared for a lot of leaning, otherwise you might want to buy a family style tent with enough height for the highest member of the family! Weather – if you’re camping in a windy area (e.g. on some beaches), the dome tent would be better because it’s specially designed to alleviate strong and steady winds. Humidity – camping in places with high air humidity can bring many benefits.

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