Creating a scrapbook and other creative activities are not only a way to let your imagination run wild, but also to remember important moments in your life and the joy and love associated with those memories. A study also showed how this activity can help seniors cope with grief by celebrating the lives of loved ones they have lost, while preserving their memories. Feel free to invite other family members to remember the beautiful things you have experienced together.

Discover a new sport together

The arrival of the sunny days is an opportunity to practice gentle sports activities, such as mini-golf, petanque, or, for the most curious, Tai Chi. This traditional Chinese gymnastics is based on a series of slow stretches and principles of energy circulation. In addition to being accessible to seniors, who can do them at their own pace, these activities are a great way for them to stay in shape and relax!

Enjoy an outdoor festival

In summer, the festivals that punctuate our cities often take place outside. So take advantage of one of these outdoor cultural opportunities. Music, theatre, visual arts… There is something for everyone. In Paris, for example, you could attend the European Young Talent Festival, which brings together the most brilliant musicians who have won prizes in international classical music competitions, taking place in early July, for example at square Saint-Lambert (in the 15th arrondissement). Feel free to consult the list of external festivals of the Paris Tourist Office to make your choice.

Play tourist

What a strange idea you may have… Yet, taking a fly boat or a double-decker bus tour allows you to walk with your elder without having to walk. A good solution for effortless sunbathing! It is also an opportunity to see your neighbourhood and city with a new eye, and to discover its evolutions, to identify the changes that have taken place over time, whether it be new buildings and shops or emerging green spaces. A great opportunity to listen to your (grand)parents tell you what the streets of their youth looked like! However, try to avoid busy tourist hours, so that this activity remains bearable and enjoyable for all.

Go for a walk together

If you prefer to walk, don’t hesitate to plan walks together: they are excellent for the heart and blood circulation in general, maintain physical capacities, and are good for morale! The key is to be well prepared. Start with short distances, choose routes adapted to everyone’s abilities (gradient, road conditions…) and invest in good shoes. Also plan a snack to recharge your batteries when you go out, and especially, water! Why not try a walk around Lake Grand-Lieu, south of Nantes, which, in addition to offering abundant vegetation, will allow you to observe more than 270 species of birds.

Try fishing

This is another activity that seniors can enjoy at their own pace. You don’t have to drive for miles to get your fishing rod out! You can try your luck at the edge of a dock, pier, pontoon or riverbank near you! Did you know, for example, that the Seine is full of all kinds of fish? The St Martin Canal, Île Saint-Louis and the surroundings of the Pont-Neuf are perfect locations in the heart of the city to start or train!

Offer him the speciality of his favourite restaurant

Your elders probably have a place where they love to eat: don’t reserve it for special occasions! Whether it’s a coffee and pastry from their favourite bakery or a menu from their favourite restaurant, you don’t need a special reason to please them. If you don’t have enough time to sit at the table of your loved one’s favourite restaurant, don’t hesitate to bring one of his specialities directly to his home. You can enjoy your shopping outside, on the terrace or on your balcony.

Organize a picnic

Parks are not only for walks and children! They offer an ideal setting to share a lunch in summer. Bring a tablecloth, something to drink, and something to eat, of course. Be sure to select a place where your seniors can sit comfortably and in the shade. Otherwise, you can settle in your garden very well: you only have to arrange it for the occasion, and enjoy the sun around cold soups and fresh salads.

Visit the local market

Summer is also market time! Its always good to go to the local market, to look for some great deals for that nice summer barbecue. No, I am not talking about the supermarket, but the outdoors farm market. It’s very easy to find farmers markets anywhere in the world, no matter where you are, even if you are in the city. Of course, you will have to drive out to the outside that’s far away if you are in a city though. There’s so many things to do at a local farm market – for example, there may be petting zoos, fish ponds, and even organic groceries that you may take a look at. Otherwise, even a farm stay can be a good way to spend your time outdoors as a staycation.